Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Website Features

SweeptoKeep Members & Fans,

You spoke and we listened and we are proud to announce some new features that you can enjoy:

Multiple Prizes per Contest

Now, SweeptoKeep has the ability to offer multiple Prizes per Contests.  That means that particular Contests will have multiple selected winners, providing you with even better odds and better chances to win Prizes.  Who can’t love that?

Reward Point Spend/Earn Report

Reward Points are great, but with so many ways to earn Reward Points, we received several emails from members inquiring how to track Reward Points.  

SweeptoKeep has now developed a Spend/Earn Report which explains and displays how you earn and spend your Reward Points. 

To track your Reward Points, Login and go to your ‘profile page.’  Under ‘Current Reward Point Balance’ you will find a blue link that says ‘View Reward Points Spent/Earned Report’.  Click and enjoy.

Contests Open to US, Canada, UK

SweeptoKeep has been growing, and we’ve been growing fast.  With all the exciting news around our launch, people from the United States of America and the United Kingdom were emailing us to inquire about how they could register on our website too. 

Today, we launched SweeptoKeep to US and UK Residents so that you can now register and enter our Contests too – we hope you enjoy!  Contests are targeted to specific Countries and therefore we can still provide you with great odds. 

We hope you enjoy these new features and we cannot wait to hear your feedback. 

Please continue to help support our growth and share and our Contests with friends and the people you know to earn Reward Points.  We promise to keep working hard to bring you more prizes and bigger wins. 

Good luck to all,

The SweeptoKeep Team