Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SweeptoKeep: A new way for people to avoid contest scams

SweeptoKeep:  A new way for people to avoid contest scams
By: Brandon Miller

Toronto, Ontario. Aug. 29, 2012 – Online contests and sweepstakes can be fun and exciting, but there are dangers to watch for.  Scams, identity theft and companies selling your information to others are just some scary examples.
While a majority of contest websites and directories don’t sift through their posted contests to see which are legit, a Toronto resident Ryan Austin founded, an online contest website that strives to overcome these challenges.  In a recent interview, Ryan said “winning a prize should be enjoyable and contest entrants shouldn’t have to worry about who to trust.” offers people the ability to enter trusted contests.  The first entry into a contest is free. Website members can earn and then use reward points for additional contest entries to increase their chances of winning a prize.  The company also provides businesses with affordable contest solutions.
I was fortunate to sit down with Ryan to gain a better understanding of the platform.  Here is how our interview went:
Explain how SweeptoKeep works:
SweeptoKeep hosts several contests at one time.  We hope to become the largest online contest sponsor, hosting tens or hundreds of contests at one time.
To enter a contest, go to and register for free. As soon as a person registers, he/she becomes a website member.  Once registered, the website member can view our contest list from the profile page or he/she can visit the ‘current contest’ page.  From there, the website member can click the ‘contest description’ button and then submit their free entry by clicking the green button on the ‘contest details’ page.  The first entry into a contest is free. Website members can earn and then use reward points for additional contest entries to increase their chances of winning cool prizes.
So I have three questions: why are SweeptoKeep’s contests trusted and how do you earn reward points? What do reward points do?
Good questions!  SweeptoKeep sponsors every contest it hosts, so website members can trust that if they win, they’ll receive their prize.  Also, we NEVER sell our website member’s personal information.  The whole point of developing this website was to provide people with an enjoyable experience.
To answer your second and third question, SweeptoKeep provides its website members with reward points.  Website members can complete different tasks on the website to earn reward points.  Reward points can be used towards additional contest entries to increase someone’s chance of winning a prize.
Who are SweeptoKeep contests open to?
SweeptoKeep offers its contests to residents of Canada (excluding residents of Quebec) who have reached the age of majority in their Province or Territory [18/19+ year olds (depending on the Province/Territory they reside in)].
How is the company planning to generate revenue?
The short version is that we host contests for businesses for a fee and in return these businesses get to advertise their brand to our growing network of potential customer contacts.  Our technology is turnkey, so businesses can save money with us rather than handling all the logistics and mechanics of a contest on their own.  By visiting our website and clicking the “run a contest” link on the footer of the website, people can watch our ‘how it works’ video.
To register, visit and enter contests for your chance to win cool prizes.

Friday, August 24, 2012 has launched!  

We're getting a great response given that today is our first day operating the website. I hope everyone enjoys it!Please be patient as with any new technology business, there is always hiccups a long the way. We are working long hours to work out all the little issues so that you can have an even better experience. 

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